Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer with Ottawa Dog Rescue!  By volunteering with us you can help make a difference for the dogs in our community. Our success is based on our volunteers and fosters.  They have a direct impact on the number of animals that we can rescue, and are truly the backbone of our organization, without them we would not be in existence.  Some volunteers are with us for a short period of time while others are in a position to make a longer commitment.  Whatever your situation, volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute and we welcome you into our organization.  We need volunteers with varying backgrounds to fill different roles such as fostering, special events, dog bed/tug making, fundraising, home visits, research, newsletter creation, volunteer recruitment and transporting etc.

Recognizing your commitment to us, we will make every effort to provide a rewarding experience!

Fill the form below for our volunteer application. Once completed and submited, our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss joining our team!

Benefits of Volunteering

1. Meet Great People
Volunteering is a great way to surround yourself with people who have the same passions and interests as you do. This not only gives you the chance to make some great friends, but it also brings compassionate people into your daily life that have the same love for animals that you have.
2. Help Dogs In Need
Your efforts will help a dog increase its chances for a new home.

3. Personal Satisfaction
Volunteering gives us a sense of satisfaction for helping others, can lower stress, make you feel needed and appreciated, increase happiness and so much more.
4. Gain experience
Whether coordinating and attending a fundraising event or transporting a dog from the shelter or to a medical appointment, you will be gaining valuable experience and knowledge.  You can gain a valuable reference for an employment application, and include your volunteer work on your resume. Someone who is unemployed can get a boost of self-esteem and confidence by being part of a vital team while looking for work.
5. Become part of a very important team
Dog Rescues need money and people to continue saving lives. The animals keep coming, and more people are needed every day.

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