Our Rescue Policy

All sizes, ages and breeds of dogs are accepted by Ottawa Dog Rescue, except where it contravenes existing provincial or municipal regulations, such as with Breed Specific Legislation currently in place in Ontario. Older dogs and dogs with medical problems may be accepted.

Ottawa Dog Rescue will NOT accept into the program:

  • Any dog the management team feels it cannot place into a new home.
  • Any dog with medical conditions that the management team, after consultation with a veterinarian, feels it cannot place into an adoptive home.

Because our foster homes usually have children and other pets, Ottawa Dog Rescue reserves the right to reject any dog for any reason. We will not risk the safety of our fosters, their family members or their pets and therefore we have a policy of NOT ACCEPTING dogs that have a history of biting a human or other animal.

Animal Care

Ottawa Dog Rescue will provide all dogs in our care with adequate food and fresh water, as well as a safe, secure and loving foster home.

All dogs will receive appropriate veterinary care, including immunizations and parasite treatments when needed.

Placement Practices

We will thoroughly screen all prospective adopters to the best of our ability and educate adopters during the interview process regarding their future responsibilities as dog owners.

We will always be honest and transparent about faults or issues of the dog being adopted and remain available to the adopter for further support post adoption if needed.

As a reputable rescue, we refuse to deal with dog retailers, dog wholesalers and unethical dog breeders and will never surrender our own animals to a shelter for adoption.

When we take a dog into Ottawa Dog Rescue care we assume full responsibility for its welfare and will require that all puppies be placed under pet contracts to be spayed or neutered at the time of adoption.