In Memoriam

When you donate in memory of a beloved pet or pet lover who has passed on, all donations will go towards providing medical treatments and other care to a dog in need of a better life. Every single donation makes a difference.

When making your donation, in the additional comments, please tell us the name of the pet or person you are making a donation on behalf of.

If you donate $100.00 or more, please also provide us with a short bio of your pet (100 words or less) in the additional comments and we will add her or him to our Memorial Wall below.

*If you would like to donate in memory of master dog trainer and foster brother extraordinaire, The Dood, beloved pet of ODR’s Mike and Stephanie Gatta and mentor to hundreds of pups who came into his home, please click on the button and indicate this in the comments section.

We thank you on behalf of all our dogs for your generous contribution.

We have received generous donations on behalf of:

THE DOOD (2010 – 2022)

In memory of The Dood, 2010-2022. He was not only the best dog we ever had, but my best friend. He helped me through many difficult times, and also helped us with all our many, many foster dogs. His calm, confident attitude always made them happy and comfortable. So...

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SAMMY (2014* – 2021)

Sweet little Sammy, pictured here on the day we brought you home. You will now furever be this happy. Now go run your little legs off.   *Rescued July 2014.  

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MAGGIE (2003 – 2022)

Maggie was an absolute darling of a pup. Her sweet demeanor and beautiful eyes melted hearts. Her rescuers, Steve and TJ, are truly amazing. They didn't hesitate to welcome Maggie into their loving home when her previous one suddenly broke apart. Because of these two...

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SUNNY (* – 2024)

In honour of Sunny, beautiful and golden, loved dearly by her Hall pack. We know she would have taught Frankie the proper art of the Squirrel Chase. On Feb 18, 2024, she joined her sister and bestie. xoxo

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