Why Foster

Fostering Isn’t A Lifetime Commitment – It’s A Commitment To Saving A Life

So many innocent animals are euthanized for no other reason than lack of space. By becoming a foster, you are literally saving a life.

Ottawa Dog Rescue does not have a shelter or physical location, all of our dogs are placed into foster homes where they are loved and where we can learn about their personalities and quirks. This knowledge is extremely important in finding the most perfectly matched forever home and ensuring our dogs live long and happy lives in their adoptive homes.

The foster application link can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read through and take some time to consider before making a decision to foster.


What does it mean to become a foster?

Becoming a foster home means that you are providing a loving, temporary home for an animal that has been abandoned, abused or neglected. It is a commitment to provide structure, guidance and kindness to an animal in need, and is a decision that will affect your entire household including your current pets, your children, and even your house and yard! Everyone needs to be on board and comfortable with having a rescued dog in the home for the length of time it takes to rehabilitate them, whether it be medically or emotionally.

Structure is crucial to an animal, so in many cases through fostering you can help teach the fundamental skills desired by a potential permanent adopter. This can mean crate training, housetraining, obedience training, helping overcome anxiety issues or teaching proper socialization skills. Sometimes, there is nothing more to do but love and care for the dog until the perfect adoptive home comes along, because not all foster dogs have issues, some are abandoned or surrendered because of allergies, lack of time, an upcoming move or a new baby in the family.

There is no perfect profile of a foster family. We need some homes that have no dogs, some that have no kids, some that have no cats, and some that have none of the above or that have a combination of all of the above. Fostering is a truly rewarding experience and is a great way to get involved and experience a dog’s love without making a long-term commitment.

How long is the foster commitment?

There is a time commitment involved in fostering and knowing how long a dog will be in care is difficult to predict. You may be asked to foster a dog from anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending on circumstances. Most of these dogs have been abandoned or bounced around from homes to shelters, and we always hope that when someone agrees to foster, they are committed for the duration of the dog’s stay while they wait for their adoptive forever home(s).

What are the foster’s responsibilities?

We would ask that our fosters treat their “guest” as they would their own dog. Being a Foster means you are providing a dog with love, a safe environment, ongoing attention, exercise, rules, boundaries and a sense of structure. You will be helping to provide necessary basic training and proper care to ensure the dog is healthy and well socialized when it is time for them to move to their adoptive forever home. Ottawa Dog Rescue will pay for vet visits and medications and can provide for other necessities such as food, dog dishes, bedding, collars, leashes, ID tags, and crates. We invite our fosters to be as involved in the process as they choose to be. They can help us determine when the dog is ready to be placed for adoption, participate in the adoption process, bring their foster dogs to the vets for appointments and express their opinions on potential adoptive homes. We want our foster homes and our dogs to be set up for success, and we are always there to answer questions or help deal with a situation if one should arise.

What are the benefits of being a foster?

First and foremost, there is an immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that you were able to provide a temporary home for a dog that may not have otherwise been rescued. Fostering provides the dog with a safe and secure environment, shows them love, and gives them a life they might never have known. You get to see the changes, experience the growth and best of all? You have saved a life!

By opening your home and your hearts, you are increasing the chances of finding a loving home, while sparing the dog being left in a shelter, frightened and depressed. Fostering is not only good for the rescued dog, but can also be very beneficial for any resident pets and teach them increased social skills. It also teaches children about compassion and helping those in need.

What are the costs associated with being a foster?

Ottawa Dog Rescue will – in applicable cases – provide food, dog necessities (leashes, collars, bedding, crates, treats, toys etc.) and cover any necessary medical care costs. The only expense you may incur is the time and attention you provide to a well deserving dog; which is priceless.


How do I sign up? Please fill out a foster application form. An Ottawa Dog Rescue representative or volunteer will contact you.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our easy-to-use form.

Thank you for your continued support in Ottawa Dog Rescue.

Without individuals like you, we couldn’t help give dogs the second chance they deserve!!!