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Name: Petrie (Little P/Sweet Pea)
Age: 4 months old
Breed: Mastiff mix

Little miss independent with a touch of anxiousness as she looks for her mother in the Great Valley along with her friends. Typical of the Pteranodon dinosaur family, Petrie loves to go exploring on her own and spend time outside. She is very intuitive and responds to her name. She is a sweet and gentle soul but despite being a flyer, still hasn’t mastered stairs and will get frustrated and yell until you carry her. She is starting to recognize when she has to use the bathroom, but doesn’t always run in the right direction for outside.

Petrie is working on crate training but can still be noisy to settle and sing the sound of her people to encourage a rebellion from her siblings. She is curious of strange noises but can be easily startled and run and hide if loud noises. Respects bigger and older dogs. Curious of cats but they are the same size so not sure what they are. Eats well. Loves treats. Loves cuddles. Is in her adolescent puppy nipping stage but can be easily redirected with toys.

Petrie is up to date on age appropriate vaccines and will be adopted on a spay contract.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $750