Name: Carrie
Age: Approx 5 months
Breed: Doodle

Hello, I am Carrie, and folks tell me that I am a real Prince!

I am a dog on the go and up for anything – a car ride, a jaunt in the park, a walk in the woods – I am there. Reach for the leash and let us seize the day! After a day of activity, I enjoy calm rest and relaxation in close contact with my people.

As a puppy mill survivor, I was unsure of myself for a while and and was a bit underweight. I am developing an athletic physique and think I am quite handsome – I guess that’s why they call me the Prince. I am working on strengthening my hind legs. In the meantime, I will need to be lifted up stairs, over obstacles and into the car. I weigh almost 40 lbs now so I have started putting on big dog airs.

I am strongly bonded to my humans and I experience separation anxiety, so I will need help with this. I am a fast learner and eager to please. I know how to sit, ring a bell to go outside and to cooperate nicely with my humans. My housetraining is still a work in progress.

I am social and get along well with people and other dogs and would do well with a settled dog in the house for companionship. If you have a high activity household with lots of stimulation and interaction, I would thrive! My favorite activities are fetching the ball, the muffin tin game, collecting toys in my nest and gathering my human around me in the same room. Although I am not highly vocal, a polite bark or a ring of the bell on the doorknob will draw your attention.

Carrie is up-to-date on vaccinations and will be adopted out on a neuter contract.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: ?

Adoption fee: $800