Name: Zircon
Age: 9 months
Breed: Mixed Breed

My name is Zircon. I am a 9 month old pup from the Barbados. I am a very sweet boy and full of energy! I love to play with lots of toys and run around the house with my foster sister. I am only 16 pounds – so far, I’m all legs and I’m a little clumsy as I’m still growing into myself!

I love to run around the house and the backyard to get my zoomies out. When I’m not running around and playing, I LOVE to cuddle. I am very gentle and will climb right up onto your lap and snooze if you’ll have me. I get along well with my foster sister and love my foster parents, but I take a little bit of time to warm up to new people as I’m a bit shy and nervous at first. I haven’t met any cats so I’m not sure if I’d get along well with them or not. I love my crate and willingly tuck myself in at night and sleep through the night without a peep. I still have the occasional accident inside, but I’m getting pretty good at knowing that I have to do my business outside. So far, I’m most comfortable going outside in the backyard at my foster home – all the noises, cars and people on the street still make me nervous so I’m still learning to enjoy going for walks, but I love being outside and surprisingly I love the snow! I’m highly food motivated and a quick learner – I have already learned how to sit for a treat.

My ideal family would be active and have time to train me and take me on walks to get my energy out. It would be great if my future house had a fenced in yard so I can run freely and feel safe while I adjust to life in Canada. I would do well with a family with or without kids as I am very sweet and gentle. I can’t wait to meet my new forever family and give them all the kisses and cuddles.

Zircon is neutered and up to date with core vaccinations.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $800