Name: Nugget
Age: Approx 4 yrs
Breed: Doodle

Nugget is a 4 year old doodle who is looking for her forever home.

Nugget is one of the easiest dogs we’ve fostered. The entire time we’ve had her she’s made one mistake pee that was more our fault than her’s. She has a history that makes her anxious, so it can take some time for her to feel comfortable around you. Once she establishes a bond with you, she is very affectionate and eager to be petted. Nugget is a quiet girl and rarely barks. She prefers to have one area set aside as her’s and wanders very little (she’s never left the main floor of our house). She doesn’t like her crate and prefers to sleep on her dog bed.

She loves going on walks and does not pull. Nugget is working on learning the basic commands of sit, stay and down. Her recall is a work in progress.

Meeting dogs on walks she is often uninterested, but the times she has shown interest, she is never aggressive. She’s easy around cats and older children.

Nugget is up-to-date on vaccinations and is spayed.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $600