Name: Chucky
Age: 1.5 years old
Breed: Doodle

Chucky has so much love to give! He hasn’t quite figured out how to get on the couch with his human, but he loves to snuggle. Chucky has mild separation anxiety and will whine and bark in his crate at first. However, he does settle after a few minutes and is fine on his own while his humans are at work. Chucky must be crated while home alone due to his anxiety. A single family home would be best as he will bark at sounds outside the house, day or night. Chucky is very interested in his foster sister cat and really wants to play, so he will chase. Slow, patient introductions will be needed and a confident cat that stands their ground would be best. Outside the house he has high prey drive, especially for squirrels. He loves meeting other dogs and is respectful, but will growl at dogs that are too energetically in his space.

Chucky is very patient with humans and is gentle enough for young children. He does pull on leash, especially if he sees other dogs. A harness and continued work will be essential for success. He knows sit, no, and is working on wait. Chucky is always very motivated to listen and to please. He is also very, very attached to his people. He will likely pick one family member and follow them absolutely everywhere like a shadow. Chucky would do best in a home that can exercise him daily (fetch is a must!) and be patient with and work on his anxiety. He is growing more and more confident by the day and showing his lovely personality!

Chucky is neutered and up to date on core vaccinations.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $650