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Name: Ares
Age: 7 months
Breed: Doberman Pinscher

My name is Ares and I am a 7 month old Doberman pup that is full of love and energy!! Right now I weigh about 40 lbs but I’m going to get bigger, and taller, maybe almost 90lbs! I have super long legs and big feet, and I can knock a lot of things over. I don’t really know how big I am yet.

I am super smart and already know so many things (sit, stay, down, place, come) my foster mom says I’m even smarter than my big foster brothers!!

I love to run and run with my foster brothers and I get along with them really well, but I’m getting into my annoying baby brother phase. I’m really curious about the cat and not sure what I would do with it if allowed to get close, so, no cats for me.

I can be a bit bold when I meet new dogs, but I do listen to them and take cues from others very well.

I am fully crate trained, fully house trained and ask to go out when I need to. I sleep all night in my crate and never make a peep until it’s time to get up to eat!! I LOVE to eat. When I came to the rescue I was very, very skinny, but we worked on getting me healthy and strong. I will need to continue on a diet that is high in protein and fats in order to keep me at a healthy weight.

I also am very snuggly, it’s one of my favourite things! I love it almost as much as chewing on sticks. I love sticks, and any chew toys really, but especially sticks! I’m curious and need to put my nose into everything. Typical of my breed, I get very attached to my people. I’m ok being left alone though, once I know you are going to come back.

I am active, so I will need an active family, with experience, because I’m a working breed and not really for first time dog owners as I can be stubborn and too smart for my own good. I will need to continue all the hard work I have done on my training.

Maybe that’s you??

Ares is up to date on vaccinations and will be adopted on a neuter contract.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Kids: 13+

Adoption fee: $800