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Name: Ferryn
Age: 4 years
Breed: Mastiff Mix

Meet Ferryn!

She is a four year old mastiff mix with a big heart and a playful spirit. She has been working in a training environment for the last several months where we have seen this lovely girl grow. The training environment allowed her to become who she is. When she first entered this new environment she was a very cautious girl and would question her environment. Now, we see Ferryn wanting to explore and broaden her horizons.

Ferryn is crate trained, housetrained, food motivated – likes to work for her food and treats. She is also muzzle trained. She has been working on her obedience skills around people and dogs. She works well off leash, and on. She has been working on self- regulating skills when there is a lot of activity happening in the training environment. We have also started community integration, where we are working the skills learned in new environments. We are seeing her grow.

Ferryn enjoys the one on one time from the people that she becomes comfortable with. When introducing her to new people it does and can take a bit of time to ensure she is successful. This is building trust and confidence with her and anyone that is working with her.

Ferryn Likes- Structure, routine, balance and boundaries; quality time (snuggles, petting, massaging, & butt scratches) and even just laying around; frisbee (SO MUCH FRISBEE), large Jolly Balls in the play area or any other chase games; enjoys going for car rides; walking in the trails, and the fields, where she can explore and use her nose.

Ferryn is working on some of her behavioral issues during her stay as she struggles with meeting new dogs. This would be something that still requires additional training sessions in a controlled environment with a professional. When greeting new people, it’s not necessary to have them pet her. She may become uncomfortable in the situation with new people, so it is best that she is given the time she needs to get to know them first, hanging out in her crate in the same area with them. If in a community setting or at home, it is important that the adopter is proactive in setting Ferryn up for success by using the muzzle. She can be people selective- meaning that she will not like everyone you wish her to meet. With the skills she has learned, being comfortable in a crate and muzzle conditioned, this allows her to be successful in the moment.

Good with dogs? She is selective, so slow intros are needed but she needs to be the only dog in the home. Children? unknown so we will not be looking for a family with young children. Teens and up only. Cats? unknown.

We are looking for an active home that will provide ongoing training, walks, environmental challenges, and community challenges, to help continue her growth.

T&T Dogs Unleashed Professional Dog Training Service will provide support for Ferryn’s new environment. Free registration for Classes, private session and the ongoing support of the private page for the clients of T&T.

Ferryn is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.

Dogs: No
Cats: Unknown
Kids 13+

Adoption fee: $550