Name: Blue
Age: 5 Months
Breed: AussieDoodle

Hi! My name’s Blue!

I’m a silly, goofy and VERY energetic 5 month old Aussie Doodle! I’m what you call a merle and have one blue eye! I’m pretty cute. My foster mom says I’m sweet, and soulful, but so goofy and a big fluffball. I just love life! Sometimes so much that I can actually get overwhelmed and I need to go rest in my crate. I am completely crate trained, and I actually love hanging out in there.

I love dogs, cats, and most of all people. I love when my people pay attention to me. I can be slightly shy at first meeting new dogs, but, I get over that pretty easily. And now that I’m bigger, (30lbs), I’m pretty brave! I love to run and jump and I hop around a lot like a bunny. My very favourite thing to do is to lie outside and eat sticks. If I could do that all day long I would be so happy 🙂

I learn new things quickly, like sit, down, paw, stay, but I also learn games like “keep away”, which I think is hilarious. I like to please and like to be given tasks, because I’m a busy dog and learning tricks can be just as important as running around to keep both my mind and my body engaged. I’d be ok in a home with a dog older and calmer than I am, or in a home without another dog – either would be ok. Older kids are better as I tend to get overwhelmed with younger kid energy if there’s too much of it.

I’m a pretty great puppy. I am almost completely housetrained, but I will let you know if I need to go outside.

I already have good recall too!

I’m going to definitely have to have a family who has Aussie or working breed experience. I cannot wait to find a family to love and who will love me forever and who will also work on my energy and maybe put me into puppy classes.

Blue will be adopted on a neuter contract and is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $850