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Name: Gracie
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Hello! My name is Gracie aka Gracie Girl.

When you first meet me, I will be shy and timid, but watch out, I warm up real quick and will expect cuddles VERY often. My favourite things are to cuddle and to go for walks. Rain or snow won’t stop me, I am always ready to go! I can be curious and sometimes bossy when I meet other dogs on walks, but I’ve learned to sniff them and walk away. My new family will need to be confident and keep encouraging me that it’s ok.

I get very attached to my family. If I know they are leaving, I will start to cry. The best thing my foster family does is put me in my crate with nice blankets and cover it with a blanket on top. I usually just lie down and sleep, so by the time they are out of the house, I am fast asleep (very sneaky)! I sleep at night in my crate with a blanket on top too (my version of black out curtains).

I am on some anxiety medication that I need to stay on top of too – it’s very important I take them every day or else I am just not myself.
I hope to find a quiet family that is home often with no kids. Kids make me nervous. I really like to be the centre of attention. In fact, sometimes I demand it, so I also need to be in a home where I’m shown I don’t have to be the boss like I think I am, and I can just be a dog! I have so much love to give and my foster mom always tells me I’m the sweetest most cuddly girl ever!

Gracie is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations.

Dogs: yes
Cats: ?
Kids: no

Adoption Fee: $550