Name: Endora
Age: 4 years old
Breed: lab mix

Endora is extraordinarily well house trained and has never made a mistake. She’s got a very healthy sense of ownership and has never damaged anything that wasn’t hers, she does like to take apart her toys though. She’s got excellent non jumping behaviour and we’ve only witnessed 3-4 jumps during periods of high excitement. We are still working with her on her leash pulling which she does sometimes. Her recall isn’t perfect if she is distracted, but still pretty good.

Endora is a medium high energy dog. She loves lots of walks, especially off leash. She’s a cuddler and will spend as much time with you as possible. She loves belly rubs and to show her love by licking you. She’s comfortable in her crate or outside of it.

She’s a bit anxious at first with other people and dogs, and will bark, but generally gets along once she’s met other dogs. She’s happy to let you know if someone’s at the front door.

She is into chasing squirrels, and other wild animals. She’s very good with cats and small children.

She came from a French family, and understands French commands well, but seems to get the just of most commands in English.

Endora is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $550