Name: Peach
Age: 4 months
Breed: Pitbull Mix

Hello! My name is Peach and I am a four month old Pitbull mix (currently about 20lbs and growing every day!) I’m young and still learning and working on my manners but my fosters say I’m super sweet and very well behaved. I love chewing on my toys, playing fetch or tug. I still have the odd accident in the house but I’m working on bell training and I’m getting really good at going to the door when I need out. I will sit and wait patiently when I get my leash on and off.

I generally get along well with other dogs but I do exhibit some food guarding and am working on my aggression with other dogs around my food, which will still need some good training. This is why breed experience is a must.

I love lying outside in the sun or in my bed. I don’t mind being put inside my pen while my fosters are making dinner or just need me out of the way as long as they are still close by. I will also happily sleep in my crate at night and go to bed when my fosters do. I always want to be with people and don’t like when they leave the room so I try to follow and will whine if I can’t go with. I have a bit of separation anxiety so I’m working on keeping calm while in my crate when my fosters leave the house.

I’ve recently learned to shake a paw and am working on come, stay and leave it. I love sniffing around outside on my walks and while I do sometimes pull, I’m learning that’s not okay. I can be a bit nervous to meet new people but after a slow introduction, I love getting their attention and some pets from them. I love the kids at my foster home and play gently with them and am working on knowing when enough is enough.

I’m looking for a family who can give me all the love in the world and be very patient to teach me as I grow. I love learning new tricks and commands and will surely grow up to be an amazing dog with consistent training and structure.

Peach is up to date on all vaccinations and will be adopted on a spay contract.

Kids – Yes
Cats – ?
Dogs – Yes

Adoption fee: $700