Name: Otis
Age: 9 months old
Breed: Mexi Mix
Weight: 30 lbs

Hi my name is Otis. I’m a 9 month-old mix breed from Mexico. I have to say, the southern life is in my blood. I love to lounge and relax.
Don’t get me wrong-I love to play, run loose in an open space, play with other dogs and play fetch with my foster parents. I especially enjoy playing with kids.

I like my crate, love lounging in it but I like it close to the action. My foster parents can leave me in there alone at home with little worries.
Come bedtime, I love sleeping in my doggy bed beside my humans. There are little disturbances during the night unless I hear something strange!

I’m not a barker. I don’t jump on furniture or beds. I don’t bother you when you’re eating because well I`m not allowed to have human food. I’m house trained with a regular outdoor schedule and I love sitting for my treats. I also like campfires! I get to hang out even more with my humans and it`s so relaxing.

If you want to “chill out” with me, I’d love to be your companion and your best chilling buddy ever!

Otis is up to date on vaccines and is neutered.

Dogs – Yes
Cats – ?
Kids – Yes

Adoption fee: $750