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Name: Emmett
Age: 3 years
Breed: Boxer Mix


My name is Emmett. I’m a 3 year old, neutered male that is still very young at heart. I am currently living in the country with my foster team, that provide me with a lot of structure in my day. We go on adventure walks where this will allow me to get my nose working. My day is broken up with walks, training, fulfilment and rest. As I’m staying in a training environment, I get the opportunity to work with other dogs and help them with their learning. The structured environment has helped me grow. My mood and behaviours tend to reflect the type of environment I’m in, so in order to best succeed, I would prefer to be in a calm structured environment with no children. I am house-trained and crate trained and do best with easy access to my crate to relax. I have been working hard on self-regulate when I need a break. I love my crate!!!!!

I’m a smart boy and know more than just your average sit and stay, been marker trained and very motivated for both toys and food. Yes, My Food. I do like to have free time after training to play with some of my favourite toys. I have come to enjoy the Jolly Balls, Eggs and everything Jolly. I have been working on leash work and learning that pulling on leash does not get me where I want to go. My current living situation has allowed me to cohabitate with other dogs but that does mean that I want to live with any other animals. I would prefer to be the only pet in the home as I want all the attention for myself. I do get pushy and playful so younger children may not be best suited for me as I might knock them over by accident. I’m looking for an active household, also would enjoy a bit of quality time with my owners.

During my stay with the foster team, we have found that Emmett has some sensitivities to proteins and grains. He has been put on an all fish or Salmon diet, for treats I like the Dehydrated Salmon ones.

I will need an experienced dog owner who can continue to work with me to lessen my anxiety and keep my brain occupied to stay out of trouble.

T&T Dogs Unleashed Professional Dog Training Service will be providing a round of classes for Emmett and his new owners to help build a relationship and learn the skills that he has learned.

Emmett is fully vetted and neutered.

Kids: No
Cats: No
Dogs: No

Adoption Fee: $550