Name: Chastain
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 1 year

Hi! My name is Chastain, I’m a 1 year old female border collie mix.

My favourite things to do are eat and snuggle, although chasing small animals and birds is up there, too. I’m very good with adults and children and am very gentle. I am food motivated which is great for learning, but my fosters keep saying that not everything that moves or has a scent is food.

I love people and sometimes show my excitement with small piddles. I’m house trained, but with changes or in new situations, I may forget my house training for a couple of days. I’m crate trained and know “sit”, “drop it”, “leave it” and “wait”, and am working on “shake a paw” and “lie down”. My leash manners are improving and I enjoy playing with sticks and balls. Besides eating, snuggles and belly rubs are my go to.

If you like sitting around in the evening with a partner curled up beside you, I’m your girl. I do have prey drive but have been learning to come to a whistle, even when a chipmunk is around. My fosters say I am super sweet but could use someone who is willing to keep up my training.

Chastain is up to date on vaccinations and spayed.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: NO
Kids: 8+

Adoption fee $750