Name: The Natural Disasters
Age: 7 weeks
Breed: 100% Pure Mutt

Hi there,

My name is name is Sharknado, and as the Alpha dog in this pack, I’m speaking for my siblings. Our mom, Mommy Tsunami, gave birth to us up North and we were lucky enough to find ODR to help us find homes.

There are 5 of us, in total:

Hurricane: she’s a tough girl. Super smart, first to be peepad trained, first to be bell trained, and first to learn “sit”. She’s got tons of energy and attitude. Hurricane will need an active family that challenges her mind.

Cyclone; Imagine Chris Farley on Sunday. Cyclone is smart and tough, but kind of lazy and very relaxed. Cyclone could be a mascot on the food network, but he says he’s the “cute one”. I totally thought I was.

Twister: The Big Boy!! Loves food, doesn’t love being picked up, quiet, smart and tough. Twister looks the most like mommy. If he is like her, he will be the best of us all.

Typhoon: “Runt” does not describe her well. Despite being the smallest one of us, she holds her own with no problem. Typhoon likes to find hiding spots and will vocalize when she needs something. Typical pretty girl.

Me, Sharknado: They call me “Sharky” for a reason. I’m a tough guy!! Like my sister, Hurricane, I will need a family that challenges my mind and keeps me busy.

P.S. Foster dad says we are amazing pups!! He smells funny, but we like him.

We have all gotten age appropriate shots and will be adopted on spay/neuter contracts

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee $700