Name: Santiago
Age: 1 year
Breed: Chihuahua mix

This little guy is Santiago. He is very sweet, but has a bit of an attitude for 6lbs. Surprisingly, that attitude doesn’t come with a lot of barking. He is not fully house trained, so he needs to be kept on a potty schedule to help keep from having accidents – a rainy day doesn’t help. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night without any accidents.

Santiago loves climbing all over you and being with you. He also loves to kiss and nibble you. Santiago is just a real affectionate cuddle bug. He tends to bounce up and down when he’s trying to get your attention. This tiny dog loves his tiny balls and tiny toys to play with. He is not a huge fan of going for walks; it’s a work in progress, but boy can he zoom around the house. He is fast!

Santiago likes other dogs, but it can take a bit of time to warm up to them.

Santiago is working on his basic commands. His love of treats is making the training easier. He doesn’t do stairs yet, but he’s getting there.

Santiago is up to date on core vaccines and is neutered.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Kids: Over 12 years

Adoption fee: $700