Name: Alphonze
Age: 19 weeks
Breed: St Bernard/Akbash Mix
Weight: will be GIANT!

Hi, my name is Alphonze but my foster family calls me Alfie.

I’m a 3.5 month old Saint Bernard/Akbash mix (if you don’t know what that is please look it up, it’s pretty cool, but needs a very specific owner) and a real sweetheart.

I am getting pretty good with housetraining and ask to go out most of the time. I like to know where you are at all times. I stay in my crate when my foster family goes out—I cry a bit at first but then calm down. I’ll need someone to continue to work with me on that.

I LOVE FOOD! This is great for training, where I only need kibble to motivate me, but also leads me up to the countertops whenever my fosters aren’t looking. I may have a sensitivity to chicken, so I have been avoiding it. Did I mention I love food??!!

I love to please and know sit, down, paw, and drop; treats (kibble) are key motivators.

I am a friendly, affectionate, curious, amazing pup!

I love meeting new people. I can be a little shy with young kids at first but it doesn’t take me long to approach them and gently sniff their hands for treats. I also love meeting dogs and am very respectful of their boundaries. I haven’t met any cats yet.

I love to play and am learning to fetch. I walk very well on leash and am very attentive, especially when my fosters bring kibble along to reward me as I go. I occasionally bark when something surprises me but quickly calm down.

I will be looking for a home with lots of room to run and play as I’m going to grow to be big, very big, and my new family will need to have working breed/herding breed experience.

Alphonze is fully vetted will be adopted out on a neuter contract.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee $700