Name: Moose
Age: 16 years
Breed: Shorkie
Weight: 10 pounds

*Looking for compassionate adoption placement!! No adoption fee.*

I’m Moose, a 16 year old, handsome male Shorkie, weighting 10 lbs.

I have a luxating leg joint, but I can still jump up to couches to look out the window and go for a short walk. I also love walks in a pet stroller and front carrier so I can explore the world and continue to enjoy life. I am mostly a quiet guy but I will remind you when I am hungry, need to go out, when someone is at the door, or occasionally for some love and attention.

I sleep in the crate in my foster’s bedroom at night with the door open to have access to water and a peepad, which I may use in the middle of night. I like to be free even when left alone.

I enjoy being pet on the head and rubbed on the belly if you are slow and gentle. I may snap when being brushed, groomed or removed from my comfy spot.

I usually do my business outdoors every 2-3 hours during the day and after I eat. I can also use peepad at night.

I have pancreatitis and a very sensitive tummy so I’m only allowed to eat my prescribed food in small meals. I also love to Hoover leftovers on the floor or ground which can make me very sick.

Grooming, visiting the Vet, loud noises, small kids, and changing environment are really stressful. The stress can make me sick with low appetite, diarrhea, or blood in stool. Luckily, I usually recover after a 20-hour fast and a few days on bland diet. I am good with adults and most dogs but have not tested with cats.

I need a calm and quiet adults-only home with a very patient owner who can groom and bath me at home.

Moose is neutered and up to date on shots.

Dogs: Some
Cats: ?
Kids: No

Adoption fee: Compassionate… NO FEE