Name: Joey
Age: 2 years
Breed: Poodle Mix
Weight: 17 pounds

Meet Joey!

Joey has a mixed bag of personalities. He’s not one to play with given toys but is very possessive of things he finds (any small items on the floor). For this reason, a home with no children and tidy floors is important. He tends to want to eat them which we know is not a good idea.

Joey is a dominant dog, and his foster mom has been working hard at establishing boundaries, gaining trust and setting firm limits.

Joey can be a real charmer when he wants cuddles but will sometimes show teeth or possibly bite when he is unsure of the new person. His body language sets the tone. He needs to know you wont go after his neck.

He does not like to be in a crate but he’s very clean, not destructive, and is mostly quiet in the house unless something startles him or someone is at the door. He settles down in his special corner for the night and will even let you sleep in.

Now that he is settling in, his behaviors are improving. He is not aggressive and is cuddly and happy to see his foster. He enjoys playing tug of war but you need to be careful because he is highly intelligent and knows that the hand is what is holding the other end.

When outside he guards his yard so if he sees people or dogs near by he will warn them until they are gone. His alpha behaviour makes him unlikely a good candidate for sharing a home with another dog or cat.

Joey appears to know commands in French; “assis, couche, donne la pate, dance”. He is very gentle when accepting treats, or his food.

He willingly gets into the car but is very anxious and gets very excited and whines. He enjoys going for walks and is good on the leash.

Joey needs a home where the adults are willing to take him to obedience school and enforce strict rules and good habits, and to provide him with many mental challenges to keep him busy.

Joey is fully vetted and Neutered

Dogs: No
Cats: No
Kids: No

Adoption fee $650