Name: Isaac
Age: 2 years
Breed: Shar Pei Mix
Weight: 25 pounds

This handsome cutie is Isaac.
Isaac is a very cuddly guy who loves to snuggle with his humans. If Isaac had his way, he would be on a lap 24/7 so his foster mom is working on setting boundaries.

He is 99.5% house trained and will often let you know when it is time to go outside. He can be particular where he poops, so sometimes will go in the house when left alone. (A work in progress).

Isaac loves to go on walks and is good on a leash and harness. He is quite interested in birds and squirrels and will let you know when he spies them! He also loves the dog park and is very happy to run with the other dogs. He is also pretty good with recall, except when he is preoccupied with a particular dog. Isaac likes to mount other dogs. A behavior that his foster family is working to discourage.

While good on a leash, Isaac is very wary of strangers who approach him. He will bark loudly and sometimes lunge in their direction. He is most upset when men approach him but will calm down given a minute or so with most new people. While this behaviour is completely defensive and fear-based, it definitely needs to be discouraged and Isaac’s furever family will need to continue to work on socializing him. The good news is that Isaac is very food-motivated and can be easily distracted with a treat.

Isaac is somewhat crate-trained. He will go into a crate but suffers from separation anxiety. He would do well with owners who are home most of the time. Isaac does like the car and does travel well.

Isaac is not a fan of small children. They appear to frighten him so a home without little ones is a must.

While comfortable with another dog in his foster home, Isaac will likely do better in a home where he is the only dog.

Isaac is fully vetted and neutered.

Dogs: Some
Cats: ?
Kids: 15+

Adoption fee: $650