Name: Elgin
Age: 17 months
Breed: Aussie/Border Collie Mix

Some of you may remember Elgin. He was an ODR dog a while back, and unfortunately had to come back in care.

Elgin’s “herding instincts” have become quite prominent, and his adoptive home ended up not being the perfect spot for him…no fault on anyone’s part. Elgin can sometimes nip at heels/feet as many herding dogs are prone to doing. He will also try to “protect” his loved ones. Because of this, Elgin will need to go to a home with no children or little animals. He would love a family that is home more than not, with lots of room to run and play (fenced yard, maybe some sheep??) and maybe even some jobs for him to do. He will definitely need an owner who is experienced with working breeds.

Since being back in care, we have found Elgin to be extremely happy, affectionate and lovable. He loves be petted, playing fetch, going for walks/runs, and learning new things. He is very, very intelligent, and as such, will need his mind kept as busy as his body…brain games, and mental challenges will help focus his energy.

Elgin also loves toys of all kinds; chewy ones, squishy ones, puzzle games…any toy will do!!

We know the perfect home for Elgin is out there and he is super excited to get there.

Elgin is fully vetted and neutered.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: No
Kids: No

Adoption fee: $650