Name: Stiletto
Age: 1ish year
Breed: Chi-Min-Pin (?)

Hi there,

My name is Stiletto and I am the most loving, affectionate, playful, sweet little dog in the world…definitely. I also have the energy level of a hummingbird on rocket fuel. Some of my best tricks are “jump straight up 4 feet in the air over and over”, “climb everything like a goat”, and “follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Other than that, I need some work on commands. I think I’d like to try training classes to burn energy and learn cool stuff. I hear it’s a great way to get treats and meet new friends!!

I don’t mind sleeping in my crate overnight, but would probably really like your bed too. My foster dad says I need LOTS of work on house training, and that he’s buying stock in paper towels. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds neat.

I love everyone I meet…like, really a lot. I hate being alone, so a house where someone is home most of the time would be best. When left alone, I play this game called “let’s see how far my voice carries”, so, no apartments for me!!

I would love to be in a busy home, full of people and dogs to play with and share my HUGE love with.

Stiletto is fully vetted and spayed.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: Yes