Name: Penelope
Age: 1-ish year
Breed: Mixed Breed

Penelope is a very sweet and calm 14 pound puppy who arrived from California in late January. Within 24 hours of her arrival, Penelope was jumping in the snow and enjoying the winter wonderland of Ottawa.

Penelope is a confident dog that loves to meet other dogs of all sizes. She is respectful and gentle when meeting and playing with her canine friends. She enjoys her short walks in the neighborhood and does very well on leash.

She loves humans of all sizes and is patient and gentle with young children. She enjoys meeting new people, and lets them approach her without hesitation.

Penelope loves to play with toys and run around the house and outside. She also loves to cuddle and can’t wait for her humans to sit down to relax.

She follows her people everywhere in the house and enjoys napping in her bed near them. She is crate-trained and sleeps soundly through the night.

Although she has made great progress with house training since her arrival, Penelope still requires guidance and close supervision.
Penelope is a smart puppy that is food motivated, hence easily trainable. She also follows the lead of the other dogs in her foster home. She will bark when startled (including when she sees her reflection in the window lol) but is generally a quiet dog.

According to her foster mom, Penelope would be a great dog for any family, including a family welcoming its first dog.

Penelope is fully vetted and Spayed.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: ?
Kids: Yes