Name: Beto
Age: 2 years
Breed: Antigua Potcake

Beto is one of the sweetest-natured dogs you’re going to meet. He weighs in at around 20 lbs, and is 2 years old. He is a little submissive and nervous but loves everyone he meets and isn’t shy to climb up on your lap to soak up all the pats and belly rubs you can give.

Beto loves to snuggle on the couch or under the covers and has no problem happily sleeping the day away. He’s not a super high energy boy so a more relaxed household would be more his style.

Beto arrived with seemingly little understanding of basic commands but despite that fact he has decent house and leash manners. He loves to please so continued training will help him be an even more awesome guy than he already is.

He is mostly housebroken but may still have the occasional accident in the house. It could be that his dislike for the extreme cold and snow have a bit of an impact on his desire to go outside at times. When it comes to crate training, it’s not his favorite thing and while it’s not a bad idea to continue to work on his crate training so far he has proven to be non-destructive in the house.

He gets along well with his foster cat siblings. They all they co-exist without issue.

Beto will be better in a home as the only dog. He loves his humans and doesn’t want to share any of the attention he gets.

This happy little guy is guaranteed to melt your heart.

Beto is fully vetted and neutered.

Dogs: No
Cats: Yes
Kids: 12+

Adoption fee: $700