Name: Tulok
Age: 10 months
Breed: Husky!!

This special, handsome boy is Tulok. Some of you may remember him, as he was adopted from ODR earlier this year. Due to a change in family situation, he had to come back to us, and is again looking for a perfect furever home.

Tulok is about as “husky” as a dog can get. He’s smart, energetic, and incredibly loving, but he does have some very specific needs. Tulok does not thrive indoors, and hates being crated. He does much better being outdoors as much as possible during the day, and would do best in a large enclosure overnight. He currently takes some medication for anxiety, but needs it less the more he gets to be outside.

Tulok tells me it is his dream to live on a rural property, with a large, safe, fenced area to run and explore in. He would also really love another big, energetic fur buddy to play with all day (but must be fed separately; he takes meal time very seriously). City life is not for him.

Tulok is great on car rides, is pretty good on leash, loves learning new commands, and would probably thrive doing agility or sledding. He needs jobs to do or other challenges to keep his mind and body occupied.


Tulok does not understand “personal space” at all, so he is working on trying not to jump on people so much. He can also be a bit mouthy when he plays, so would not do well with small kids at.

We know Tulok’s perfect home is out there waiting for him and are excited for him to find it.

Dogs: yes
Cats: no
Kids: 15+

Tulok is fully vetted and will be adopted on a Neuter contract

Adoption fee $600