Name: Scooby
Age: 11 years
Breed: Shi-Poo

Hi my name is Scooby and I am looking for my furever person/people. My foster mom says I am super-sweet, gentle, well-mannered and smart. And did I mention she thinks I am very cute too.

I like keeping an eye on my people, having them close by and chilling out with them. I would love to have playtime with you and do enjoy toys. In return, I will give you lots of kisses and cuddles.

I will politely let you know when I need to go outside. I like going for a couple of walks each day but I don’t need very long walks. I like meeting people of all ages but am nervous around other dogs. This makes me bark initially but once things settle down I just ignore the other dogs. I need to work with you on my confidence, so I am not as afraid. I will bark if someone comes to the door to alert you but otherwise am generally quiet.

I am used to sleeping on the bed and will be the best “foot warmer” this winter. If I must, I will sleep on the floor as long as you are nearby. I am very good inside the house and don’t need to be crated. You can leave me alone for a few hours and I will be eagerly awaiting your return by the door. I will do best in a calmer house as I can get startled by loud noises. I will patiently hang outside while you work on the garden (so many leaves to rake) as long as I can see you.

I had a bit of rough time as I chewed on a corn-on-the cob (it was the buttery flavor that made me do that) and I ended up having to have abdominal surgery to have it removed. My foster mom says that I was the best patient. Thankfully I am now all better and have fully recovered from my surgery, I can jump up on your bed and into your car now.

Dogs: no
Cats: no
Kids: 12+

Scooby is fully vetted and neutered.

Adoption fee: $300