Name: Chex
Age: 8 Years
Breed: Corgi Mix

If you’re looking for a dog who will love you above all else, look no further! Chex is an 8 year old Corgi mix from Barbados. He is happiest when receiving pets from people he’s comfortable with. He can be nervous when first meeting new people, but slow introductions help him warm up to be a friendly, loving little guy. He is full of little quirks that will always keep you laughing.

Chex’s favourite activity is going on short walks. Chex currently goes on 3-4 walks a day, but would be okay left alone for 8 hours with no accidents. Chex isn’t comfortable in a crate, but is well-behaved when left alone in the house. He doesn’t bark while we’re away (that we know of) but does warn us when someone knocks on the door.

Chex loves meeting other dogs and gets along well with them as long as they respect his boundaries. Chex may not do well with smaller animals or cats in the home, as we do believe he has a higher prey drive (loves to chase squirrels).

Chex would do well with someone who could patiently work with him on obedience and leash manners. He will sometimes sit for treats and responds well to his name, but doesn’t have a whole lot of tricks up his sleeve. Chex would do well with a calmer home where he could lounge peacefully in between walks. He has yet to show much interest in toys, but we think it may be a matter of finding what he likes. Chex is so full of love, we’re hoping to find a home for him with lots of love and affection to give in return.

Chex is up to date on all vaccinations and is neutered.

Kids: Over 13
Cats: unknown
Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee $300