Name: Rexie
Age: 5 months
Breed: Barbados Potcake

Rexie is a very sweet and beautiful 10-pound puppy from Barbados. Her age is estimated at 5 months old. The first few months of her life were far from ideal. She was fighting for her life when she was found and then nursed back to health before coming to Canada.

Rexie loves to play with toys, fetch her ball and run in the backyard. She spends most of her time with her best buddy, a small breed resident dog. She would therefore do great in a family with another small breed dog. She fears larger dogs, no matter how gentle they are. She is also very protective of her food (from dogs, not people). She is learning to trust that she will be fed regularly. She doesn’t seem to have a prey drive, so would likely do well with cats.

Rexie enjoys her walks in the neighbourhood and does quite well on leash. She needs encouragement to continue walking when crossing paths with men and when there are loud noises. Rexie fears men so her new home will have to include at least one woman who will be her main caregiver. She is very comfortable with women and children of all ages.

Rexie has a relatively calm demeanour and loves to sit and watch people walk by. She loves to snuggle with her human. She already knows basic commands (sit, come, stay) and is food motivated, which is great for training.

Rexie is house trained but has had a few accidents in the house, largely due to the colder weather. With patience and a lot of encouragement, she is now doing much better. She is crate trained.

Rexie will make a wonderful pet to a family that is willing to work with her to build her confidence and grow into a secure dog.

Dogs: yes
Cats: ?
Kids: yes

Rexie is fully vetted and will be adopted on a spay contract.

Adoption Fee: $600