Name: Zoe
Age: 4 years
Breed: Yorkie

Zoe is house trained, she will ask to go out but if you’re not around she will use the pee pad.

Zoe loves people and is super approachable. She loves going on walks and meeting people in the park, but if they have their dogs she is cautious, especially with big dogs and will bark and growl. She has met an older Beagle at his home and there was lots of tail wagging and sniffing, so if the other dog is calm and respects her space she is fine with him. She has seen a cat being walked in a park and paid no attention to him.

Like many small breed dogs, she is nervous and anxious. Zoe barks and cries when travelling in the car to the extend that she could be sick or have an accident, although that hasn’t happened with her foster mom. She is also very vocal when her humans leave the house. For this reason a house full of little people is not a good environment for her.

She does not take well to being crated. In her previous life she was used to sleeping in the bed with her humans. She is so quiet at night you don’t even know she is there.

She is a very cuddly lap dog and loves fetching her toys and playing tug of war with her human. She particularly loves getting belly rubs and even enjoys being cuddled in your arms like a little baby. When everything is calm and she is settled, she is delightful.

Zoe is currently taking Trazodone medication for her anxiety. If the vet agrees, in the right home maybe she will only need it for occasions when she has to go to the vet, grooming, travel or if you plan to leave the house for a few hours. She will bark and cry loudly during an absence so she would do better in a house instead of an apartment.

Dogs: some
Cats: ?
Kids: no

Zoe is fully vetted and Spayed

Adoption Fee: $450