Name: Mochi
Age: 2.5 year
Breed: Terrier mix
Weight: 17 pounds

Mochi is a curious, agile, high-energy boy, found as a stray in Texas. Being smart as a whip and highly food motivated, his training is going well and he can already ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, ‘shake a paw’, ‘sit pretty’, and is working on ‘stay’. Potty training is ongoing, but Mochi is eager to please and will get there with consistency and positive reinforcement.

This little man LOVES to play with other dogs and his toys, but when playtime is over he curls up on the couch or next to his humans, never tires of belly rubs, and goes easily into his crate, where he sleeps quietly all night. Mochi doesn’t mind his crate during the day for short periods, but generally has the run of the house, with supervision.

Mochi shows zero aggression with dogs or people, although does play a little rough for his three smaller foster siblings, but is learning pack cues and to be ‘gentle’. He likes chew toys in his crate and when excited he will steal kids toys, or random objects for a quick chew, but we’re working on this. He LOVES to be outside, walks well on leash, until he sees a squirrel, and loves every dog he meets.

Generally quiet in the house and rarely barks, but will join in with his yappy foster siblings! Mochi is very pack oriented, so if you have a well-trained dog already, he will likely ease into your family well.

Mochi is sweet, trusting, loving and warms to people quickly. He is good with children (age 4+) so far and his only ‘bad habit’ is digging tiny holes in the yard, but we are working on stopping this.

Dogs: yes
Cats: ?
Kids: yes

Mochi is fully vetted and Neutered.