Name: Zack
Age: 10 years
Breed: Retriever/Bassett X


Meet the charming, handsome, and adorable Zack who will have you wrapped around his paw in no time. He loves belly rubs, will snuggle up right next to you and shower you with adoring looks.


Zack is an active and bright 10-years young and absolutely loves going on walks. Zack’s enthusiasm for squirrels and new smells on his walk can get the better of him, he will pull on the leash. Using a harness and giving him reminders has already improved this tendency. He greets both adults and kids with a friendly and enthusiastic hello.


Zack has also been friendly when greeting other pooches, but he needs to be reminded of his manners especially with larger dogs. He is not a good candidate for a dog park or being off leash as he does not have the necessary recall. Zack is very content hanging out in the backyard keeping a quiet and curious eye on the world around him, especially the squirrels.


Zack is completely house trained and does not need a crate. He can be left alone for an hour or two and will wait patiently for his person/people to return. While Zack will alert you with a low bark or growl if someone comes to the door, he is quiet around the house.


Zack in not particularly food driven and is a bit of a foodie–he likes his kibble moistened and soft.

Zack would do best in a quiet and calm home in which he is the sole dog as he can get stressed out at times.

If you are looking for an easy, smart, loving, loyal companion, Zack is the pooch for you.


Dogs: no
Cats: no
Kids: 12+


Zack is fully vetted and Neutered


Adoption fee $300