Name: Mamacita
Age: 10 years
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 8 lbs.


Hi! My name is Mamacita! I may only weigh 8 pounds but about 7.5 pounds is heart (and the other half pound is confidence!). My foster family say that I’m a happy, cheerful little snuggle bug.

I’m fully house-trained and pee-pad trained, but sometimes I miss the pee-pad by a bit- my foster mom says that doesn’t even count. I will happily do my business outside too! I enjoy going outside and exploring but I don’t get too far away from my foster mom and come back whenever I’m called. She says I’m a very good girl and am a good listener.

I really, REALLY enjoy snoozing and will burrow under any pillow or blanket my family have lying around. They spend a lot of time looking for me… it’s kind of funny just as long as they don’t sit on me! Because I like being cozy, my crate is a happy place for me. I rely on it as a place to go to when I’m feeling unsure of a situation or just kind of want to be left alone.

I’m fine when my family go out but boy, am I a tail-wagging mess when they get home! I actually do a little happy dance around them! I only bark when the other dog gets barking – other than that, I don’t have much to say. .

I’m very chill but don’t enjoy it when the dog or cat get in my face or come around my space when I’m relaxing. I will let them know with a growl that it’s not okay and if they don’t listen, I’ll show them my fierce face and then they go away (that’s the half pound of confidence!). I’m fine with the other critters, but I need them to respect my boundaries.

I protect my foster mom from everyone when we’re sitting together on the couch and won’t let anyone touch her. In those circumstances, I seem a bit grouchy, but I really just need my new family to help me learn that I don’t need to protect them so much. Loving this much is hard!


I can’t wait to find my forever home and to just live out the rest of my life surrounded with lots of tender, loving care (and blankets…lots of blankets!).

Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Kids: 12+

Mamacita is fully vetted and spayed.

Adoption fee $300