Name: Jasmine
Age: 1 year
Breed: Shepherd mix

Hi, My name is Jasmine, and I’m a 1 year old Shepherd mix from Texas.

I am good with adults and children and love being close to my people. Being a shepherd, I sometimes try shepherding my people, but do so gently.

When I meet people, I can be very excited and want to jump up so I can give you big kisses on your face. My fosters are helping me understand that not everyone likes this.

I go in my crate at night with some encouragement but would much rather snuggle you in your bed. I am very food motivated so I might counter surf a bit. During meals though I don’t beg, but lie down somewhere and watch you. I am doing well with “sit” and working on “shake a paw” and “lie down”. I am house trained, although I have had a couple of accidents in the house. I am well behaved, but may grab a slipper, toy, kleenex, sock or anything else that smells like you to chew on if I feel ignored.

I haven’t shown a strong prey drive but do like to smell where chipmunks and squirrels have been.

What else should you know? Well I do like a good stuffy or apron string to chew on and I like to bark at other dogs, or my reflection, but am getting better. My fosters say I am learning quickly, have a lot of heart and am eager to please – I would say I just want a family I can love and who will love me back.

Could you be my new family?

Dogs: yes
Cats: ?
Kids: yes

Jasmine is fully vetted and spayed.

Adoption fee $600