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Age: 1 year old
Breed: Lab Mix
Hello, my name is Toulouse and I’m a super fun, loving, 1 year old Lab mix all the way from Texas. I’m very good with adults, children and love staying close to my people. When resting, I like to put my head on my peoples’ feet to make sure they don’t sneak off. I have adjusted really well to sleeping in my crate at night and now go in without any fuss and sometimes without even being asked, I am really good at “shaking paws” and am working on “sit” and “down”.
I am very food motivated and love food puzzles. I am generally very well behaved and do very well sitting and waiting for my meals. I don’t chew on things although some good smelling toys do enter my mouth if left out. I also listen about not getting on the couch, although sometimes I sneak on when no one is looking. I do well on the leash, but chipmunks, squirrels, etc are tempting, so a strong firm grip on my leash when these are around is a must. I am house trained and love being outside but am also happy to just hang out together inside. I am good with other dogs with a slow introduction.
I am just learning about toys and am starting to learn about balls, so someone who could help me continue to learn how to play with toys would be great. I am a big boy and can reach counters and tables easily but I haven’t ever taken anything off either despite some tempting smells. Also, I generally stay under the table when my people are eating.
Could you be my new family?
Toulouse is fully vetted and Neutered
adoption fee $600

dogs yes
cats ?
kids yes