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Name: TaiChi-Huahua
Age: 10 Years
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Weight: 6-7 lbs
Hi there ! My name is Tai Chi; I am 10 years old, weighing in at just 3 kg., a great example of “less is more”.
Most of the time you wouldn’t even know I am in the house, for I am the quiet observer in your home. But I can be vocal if I think there is danger to my family, or to myself – just ask the vet about that; he called me a “Spicy Chihuahua”.
I love to go on walks, and sit for my leash. I meet a lot of bigger dogs, but there’s never a conflict. The same courtesy is extended towards cats. Usually I go for 2 walks a day, one quite short, but the longer one sometimes 1.5 km.
I enjoy meeting people of all ages, although have not had the opportunity to hang out with babies or toddlers.
I am house-trained and crate-trained; in fact I pretty much hang a “Do not Disturb” sign
when I am in my crate resting, or curled up anywhere daydreaming. I like to burrow under blankets and being so small may go unnoticed. Do proceed carefully before gathering things up for the laundry !
Like most deep thinkers and philosophers, I spend a lot of time in quiet contemplation,
thinking about the meaning of life, all the while keeping a watchful and respectful eye on my owner. At times I like to cuddle beside you, when I am in an especially affectionate mood. I also enjoy ear rubs.
I am searching for someone to care about me.
I have a lot of love to give and reveal my love in soft, gentle ways.
Cats yes
Dogs yes
Kids no
TaiChi-Huahua is fully vetted and Spayed
adoption fee $300