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Name: Fiji
Age: 16 months
Breed: German Shepherd
Weight: 60 lbs
This special girl is Fiji. She came into rescue following emergency pyometra surgery. She’s recovered and has been working on basic training. She has learned to sit, lie down and give a paw. Now she is working on all aspects of good behaviour as she has not had much exposure to dogs or humans and the world can be a scary place.
Fiji is a high energy dog that requires structure and boundaries. She needs a lot of exercise and training to help learn to be calm and build confidence. We have her on some medication to assist her to be calmer so that she can listen more effectively.
She is learning to walk on a lead but can find other dogs and certain humans (mostly men) scary. When she is scared she will bark and can jump. In the house she is curious and can experience separation anxiety so continuing her crate training is a must along with a clean house where nothing is left out that can be chewed by a puppy.
Fiji is happiest when she is running. She has had limited exposure off lead but loves to run with other dogs, She is very curious with her nose and loves to sniff and investigate.
Fiji would love her person to be home more often and experience with high energy working breed is essential. No kids for this girl and a large fenced property would be ideal. She would do well with a well balanced dog, and she lives with a senior cat in her foster home and wants to play.
Fiji is a good girl that needs a dedicated owner that will commit to training and exercise. In turn you will get a pup that is devoted to you and will show you how much she loves you every chance she gets.
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Kids: no
Fiji is fully vetted and spayed
Adoption fee: $550