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Name: Elgin
Age: 1 year
Breed: Border Collie
HI! My name is Elgin, but my foster parents call me Sir Elgin. I am a 1 year old Border Collie all the way from Texas to find my forever home.
I am full of beans and like to meet all the dogs and most humans. Some humans who are wearing hats scare me a little though. I am house trained, but might have an accident inside if I am not taken for a walk fast enough. I am walked 3-4 times a day. I do not really tug when I am on a walk, but I do tend to meander and not stay on one side. We are working on this.
I am generally very quiet. People knock on a door or I hear a bell sometimes and I could care less for it. I do try to run out sometimes when the door is open but in my defence, my humans need me all the time, so I am just trying to stay by them. I do not like to be barricaded and hop the baby gate when my foster mom leaves me alone. She is trying to train me, but I just don’t listen… now she closes the door to keep me in so I wait for her by her desk.
I do like to play with toys. Squishy ones, durable ones, and puzzle toys. But I am more interested in chewing on the wooden pegs than getting the treats. I am learning basic commands, too.
My foster parents say that I am as cute as a button, but I am mischievous and do enjoy chewing on a shoe here and there. They say I need some more training to learn the house rules but I can be very stubborn. I compensate by being a big cuddle bug and wanting to constantly be in their lap when they are on the couch. I would love an active family that stimulates my body and mind.
Dogs yes
Cats ?
Kids 12+
Elgin is fully vetted and neutered
Adoption fee $600