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Name: Delhi
Age: 10 month
Breed: Mixed Breed
I’m Delhi, a healthy 10 month old female mix breed pup from Texas. I am house trained but need some monitoring. I do okay in my crate while you are away and love it at night, just don’t put me too far away from you when sleeping because I like to look up to ensure you’re still there.
I’m pretty quiet but love to talk while playing and speak up when I don’t know what is going on.
I’m a bit nervous while approaching a new dog or human but very friendly once I meet them. I really like the cat in my house right now, we get along quite well.
I still nibble at hands and ankles when I’m playing and really excited. I’m starting to understand that those human parts aren’t a toy though.
I love a morning walk and quick play session to get rid of all the energy I stored up over night. I’ll sleep at your feet or on my bed when you are working all day. Once you’re done for the day I need another walk and play session because I have a lot of energy. I love going for walks and find you humans don’t walk fast enough, I’ll need some more help slowing me down.
I can sit and love running towards you when you call my name – I can get distracted if there is too much going on though.
I’m a very affectionate pup who will give you more love than you could ever ask for. Watch out for my wagging tail – I’ve been told it wags quite aggressively when I’m happy.
Delhi is fully vetted and spayed
adoption fee $600