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Name: Bullet
Age: 2 years
Breed: Bully mix
Weight: 40 lbs
Hi! My name is Bullet.
I am a well socialized and easily adaptable pup that could fit into your family! I have my regular zoomies, mornings and evenings, and after a 15-20 minute burst I’m good to just relax and hang out. I love to play fetch and tug but am still working actually giving the toys back. I currently live with 2 dogs and 2 cats and do not have any issues with them. I’m submissive with the other dogs because I respect their cues. I’m great with kids too! I’m also pretty observant in my play and will adjust my boisterous levels based on the size of my playmate. I know sit, down, and come. I know my name well. And my leash manners aren’t too bad. I LOVE the car and would be happy if you took me everywhere with you. I’m not a fan of water or the bath though so prefer to avoid those at all costs. I am also fully house trained. Even though I eat a lot, I normally only eat once a day once everyone has gone to bed so it’s quiet and I feel safer. A home that would be able to leave my food down and accessible at all times would be GREAT. The only thing I ask of my new home is PLEASE do not put me in a crate. I am TERRIFIED of them and will refuse to go in, and try to break out.. I’ve come close a couple times too. As long as you don’t leave anything lying around, you should be ok to leave me alone in the house. Or we can revisit my previous point that you can take me EVERYWHERE with you. I’d make a good office dog too as I’ll normally just nap while you work and wait for cuddle time. I don’t snore or hog the bed so let’s get cuddling!
Bullet is fully vetted and neutered.
Cats: yes
Dogs: yes
Kids: 12+
Adoption fee: $550