Name: Wally

Age: 9 years

Breed: Pug mix

Wally is a 9-year old female Pug-mix, who is named after Wallis Simpson. She weighs 26 pounds, is very healthy and fit. She is perfectly house-trained and crate-trained. Wally’s enjoys her food and eats every last bite, and is almost as excited by her regular food as by her treats.

Wally is generally quiet, but becomes animated at the prospect of a walk. She is remarkably fit, and goes for a 1 hour walk twice a day, or several shorter walks. She walks beautifully on the lease at a natural heel pace, without pulling.

Wally has not been observed around cats. She is not fond of other dogs when meeting them on walks. Her tendency has been to lunge at them and bark, but she has made improvements in this regard, and further improvements are expected with continued training.

Wally does not like to be around children. She is afraid of skateboards, roller-blades, and similar-sounding strollers.

Wally takes a few days to warm up to her people, but it is worth it for she is loving, cuddly, and playful, and smart. She knows “sit”, and “stay”, and is learning “paw”, and wants to impress, so will likely learn more. Sadly, for men, Wally is not receptive to males in the household. She seems to be a one-person dog, and that person is female!

Wally is confident and affectionate. Wally is a walking contradiction, – active, yet a couch-potato, but an absolute joy.

Wally  is fully vetted and Spayed

Adoption fee $300


Kids no
Cats ?
Dogs No