Name: Birdie
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Terrier mix from Texas
Birdie is a shy little dog all the way from Texas! Since arriving at her foster home, she has become much braver and is learning that the world around her isn’t as scary as she first thought.
She is very much still a puppy at heart and she loves to chew things she finds around the house (discarded paper, slippers, wrappers) so she needs close supervision. She is still working on perfecting the art of house training, but she is learning.
She happily sleeps in her crate overnight and will often nap there during the day as well. Since she is still a bit skittish, her crate is her safe space where she will go if she feels overwhelmed.
Birdie would thrive in a home with another confident dog. She looks up to her foster sister and seems to gain confidence from being around her. She is super playful with other dogs and she is learning how to play with people as well.
Kids: no
Dogs: yes
Cats: unknown