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Name: Yeti
Age: 2-3 years
Breed: Mastiff/Cane Corso X
Hi, my name is Yeti.
Can I give you a kiss? I don’t slobber, I promise. Unless I just ate or drank or you’re showing off a treat. Yum! I eat a lot of food multiple times a day. I get two breakfasts, one dinner and a bedtime snack, it keeps me energized and quiet.
I’m learning to sleep alone in my own room and I’m getting good at it but a crate is out of the question. I can be left alone at times, but it needs to be on my own terms or on a schedule, or else I will try to escape the house. I have a special talent of turning doorknobs and helping myself into rooms. Gates are a strange concept; I know I am not supposed to go through them, but if there is something on the other side, they don’t stop me.
I am very stubborn and can be very difficult to move. My foster parents have success with treats to guide me. I am also well behaved in the car with a seatbelt and harness but will bark when we stop moving.
I absolutely love getting scratches on my shoulders, neck, and ears because I can’t reach them myself. I am quite good on a leash but am incredibly strong, so I will need a confident and strong owner. I also need some help learning how to meet strangers, I find it a bit intimidating and when I get over stimulated, I can growl and mouth. I also growl softly when I need attention.
I have grown used to my foster parrot sibling who is caged when I am around, but I am unsure with the cat. I am likely best in a home without other pets. Except, I am okay with other dogs and can be playful but am also perfectly content on my own. I am a big, mellow brut, with an even bigger heart and soul and cannot wait to meet my furever family.
Yeti is fully vetted and Neutered- adoption fee $550
Kids 14+
Cats No
Dogs yes