Name: Sloan
Age: 4 years
Breed: Lab X
My name is Sloan. Honestly, I am the best at so many things. I am the best at kisses and cuddling and jumping and bet I can reach your face! I’m the best at eating hotdogs, that’s my favourite food. I’m the best at making human friends. I haven’t met one I don’t like!
I’m looking for someone who is the best at things like exercise, routine, boundaries, and hotdog eating competitions. Sometimes I push open doors and try to take myself for a run but my Foster parents don’t like that, so they come with me on two 1 hour walks EVERYDAY – even in the rain. I love walking in the rain! It doesn’t bug me at all and it helps me stick to my routine. When I’m not on a schedule, I stop being the best. When that happens, I tend to whine and bark and get very pushy so that people will take me out for exercise and start our routine again. I’ll test your limits to see what I can get away with – but the good news is, I’ll always push you to keep up with our exercise and routine.
If I could choose a dream home, I would choose a house with dog-savvy children over 12 years old. I would love a fenced in yard with potentially some large dog friends to play with! We would need to test if I get along with a dog my size as I’ve only lived with a small dog and sometimes I step on him by accident so we don’t make good play-partners. I am excited to see cats and could live with one but my foster parents have never left me alone with one for both our safety. I am so happy in my crate! It’s like having my own kingdom.
Sloan is fully vetted and spayed
Adoption fee $550
dog yes
kids 12+
cats yes