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Name: Rex
Age: 9 years
Breed: Lab/Boxer
My name is Rex and I am a sweet and cuddly 9 year old Lab/Boxer Mix. I crave attention, cuddles and the great outdoors. I also like to watch my foster parents eat.
I get 3-4 walks a day, about 20-30 minutes in the morning, evening and night. I get a little walk in the middle of the day as I am with my foster mom at the office. I walk very well on a harness but other dogs catch my attention. I sit when I see them, but if they get too close then I try to pull and lunge after them, I mean they can pose a risk am I right? My foster mom is shaking her head no, but I know better. My foster parents know that I need to be an only dog in a household, and I do not play well with other dogs. I am still an active boy for my age and really like my long walks. Afterwards I am content to nap on the cool floor near my foster parents.
I am very good at the office. I like all the ladies; they give me lots of attention. One of the ladies even gives me cheese! I have to do all my tricks, (sit, paw, down, roll over), but she gives the best treats. I give her my best puppy eyes and sometimes I get extra cheese. She makes me feel so special.
I do like my toys. I like my tug toy and my big round disk. I am a bit possessive of my tennis ball and the parental units say I do not play fetch ‘properly’ as I tend to keep the ball to myself. It is my ball, so I don’t understand the problem.
A house with no dogs or cats would be best for me. I would also prefer a house without children as, I am too mouthy when I play.
I would love a home where I can enjoy the outdoors and be snuggled endlessly.
Rex is fully vetted and neutered

Kids No
Cats no
Dogs No
Adoption fee $300