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Name: Oreo
Age: 7 months
Breed: LabX
Hi I’m Oreo!
I am a 7month old lab mix and I am currently working on a scientific process to be able to fuse my body with yours. While it’s cute now, my foster mom warns me this will be a problem as I get bigger. So someone willing to set strong boundaries with me will be a must. I’m currently teething and must chew. However, I’m normally pretty good to just chew on my own toys as long as I have a nice variety to choose from. Sometimes I can get confused and try to chew on you, but I am easily redirected back to my toys. Supervision around smaller children while I’m in this phase will be required.
I can be pretty timid in new situations so continued socialization and a quieter furever house would be ideal. I get along great with cats and dogs and people and even lizards! I’m a gentle soul that just wants to have fun but will benefit from slow introductions to new things until I develop the confidence to take on the world.
I love being outside and I LOVE swimming!!! If you have a pool, we will spend the whole summer there! I’m good in a fenced yard and so pretty well tied on a long lead too. But since I don’t really know my name or recall, offleash will have to wait. I know sit, down, and shake a paw. But I am still working on my leash manners.
I’m house trained and crate trained and will even go into my crate if I’m tired and you’re in a meeting. But my foster mom has started to cheat and lets me sleep in her bed at night. It’s great because I really like to cuddle and be close to my people
I do like the car, but can get stressed at first and even be car sick if I’ve eaten too close to drive time. So small short drives are needed until I get more accustomed to the car.
I’ve heard a few times now I’m the perfect dog. I think so too. Maybe you will too???
Oreo is fully vetted and Neutered
Adoption fee $600
Dogs, cats, kids, yes