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Name: LunaBelle
Age: 2 years
Breed: Potcake
Hi I’m LunaBelle and I’m a sweet, gentle 2 year old girl. To new people I come across very shy and timid. I spent my whole life outside, so I’m still getting used to humans and being in indoor spaces. In a house with other humans I get freaked out and need a nice place to hide until I feel safe. However, when you take the time to build trust with me you get way more than first meets the eye. To those I trust I am extremely affectionate and cuddly; I will follow you around and sit beside you while you work or watch tv/ etc. I get little bursts of energy where I’m goofy, playful, and wag my tail like crazy.
I love walking and can be great on the leash but some situations are still a work in progress. For example, on a walk, if something scares me I freeze up and try to find a place to hide. I don’t want to be difficult but my instinct is telling me to find somewhere I can seek safety. I may pull on the leash in the direction of my choosing or simply freeze altogether and just refuse to move. With gentle coaxing I eventually come around.
I love other dogs, I walk up to them and gently introduce myself. I’m neutral toward cats- not overly interested but we can easily coexist. I never bark or make any sound. I love treats and will take them from you so gingerly. I can be left alone and am not destructive.
I am significantly more comfortable with women than men. So far I’ve had a harder time establishing trust with men, despite their best efforts. I know they mean well but they just make me feel a little nervous!
LunaBelle is fully vetted and Spayed
Adoption fee $550
Kids 12+
Cats yes
dogs yes